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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  August 22, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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for the second time in a week, bay area baseball fans are disappointed to hear about a drug scandall that will impact a local team. good afternoon. i'm torrie campbell. another key baseball player in the bay area is facing a 50 game suspension. oakland a's pitcher bartolo cologne tested positive for testosterone. paul chambers joins us live
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from the breaking story from the colosseum where the game is about to get under way. paul? >> reporter: good afternoon. about 35 minutes from now the game will start. fans out here not very happy about this latest news being suspended. as you can see fans here behind me are filing into the game. now this comes just one week after giants outfielder cabrera got the same punishment. the announcement came out today cologne was missing the 40 games for testing positive for testosterone. he will miss the first 10 post season games if the a's make it to the playoffs and if not the first 10 games of the next season. today he released a statement saying, "i apologize to the fans, my teammates, and to the oakland a's. i accept responsibility for my actions and will serve my punishment as required by the joint drugs program. " a's released a statement saying the oakland athletics are disappointed to learn of the suspension. the organization fully supports major league baseballs joint drug prevention and treatment program in its efforts to limb
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mate performance enhancing substance from our game. now, fans here today say they aren't surprised but are disappointed about the news. and feel a more severe sentence may end substance abuse in the sport. >> maybe a year, a year suspension because that would get everyone off of it because once you know you won't play for a year and get a pay check that will stop it. >> now days with the athletes to be strong, i'm not surprised. everybody wants to endure, win championships and that's how it goes. >> they're adults. they should know better. i mean they're earning their living playing the sport, why foul it up? >> now he will lose the remaining $470,000 of his salary, r re on this story we'll stay on top. check us out on and at 5:00 we'll have more. we'll go inside the game and talk to fans to hear what they say. all that coming up later today. live in oakland, paul chambers, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> thank you, paul. new details this noon time about the driver who slammed into a uc berkeley dorm this
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morning. he is now facing charges of dui and hit and run. the crash happened just before 3:00 a.m. at the corner of college avenue and channing way. police say the car severed a gas line and that students preparing for the first day of school today were evacuated from all eight floors of the building. they say the driver left the scene but that his father who is the registered owner of the car came to the scene and said his son would be returning soon. >> when the son came back, the officers contacted him and brought him into the station, we did some field sobriety it testing and also interviewed him and subsequently arrested him for suspicion of drunk driving and also for hit and run. >> police identified the driver as 22 year old douglas perez who is a uc berkeley student. they capped the leak by 3:30 and students were allowed back in the dorm. not just cal, but many students are heading back-to- school and that's why governor jerry brown was at a middle
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school in san francisco to take part in a tax hike rally. new at noon, ktvu alex savidge joins us live from san francisco to explain what the governor says the tax hike would mean for education. >> reporter: good afternoon to you, governor brown says he is simply asking the most wealthy californiaans to pitch in a little more to fund schools. he calls prop 30 a reasonable proposal. this morning here outside james lick middle school in san francisco, governor brown was surrounded by teachers and administrators from across the bay area all who support prop 30 and say they need more resources to help their students the governor made a passionate pitch to voters on his tax plan he's been working hard to get past. >> no campaign is a cake walk. this is a challenge. this is tall hill, but i didn't come back to be governor at my age just to try easy stuff. this is hard and i'm going to give everything i have between now and november to get this thing passed. >> if it does pass prop 30
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would temporarily raise income taxes on people making more than $250,000 a year. it would also bump up the sales tax by a quarter cent. most of the revenue would be earmarked for k-12 education and by the governors estimate and additional $6.6 billion would be available for schools next year, but if prop 30 fails, trigger cuts would take effect and schools could take another $5.4 billion hit. >> i believe all students can meet the expectations that we set for them, but we have to provide them with the resources and only prop 30 can make that happen. >> i'm just saying please, give back one or two or 3% over the next seven years and the kids in california will be much better for it, you'll be better for it, the whole state will be able to go forward in a very solid way. >> but critics of prop 30 say californiaans are already taxed too much. i talked this morning with a representative from the howard
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jarvis taxpayers association who opposes prop 30 and he says it doesn't guarantee revenues will be going to classrooms and not simply not states general fund. this november, the governors tax plan also will compete against another tax measure, prop 38, whichever one of those two measures gets the most votes, if they both in fact pass, that's the one that will take effect. we're live this afternoon in san francisco, alex savvidge. >> thank you, alex. a san jose toddler was declared the cities 32nd homicide of 2012. the child died in april but today, police announced the arrest of a 38 year old from san jose. emergency crews were called to the home of his girlfriend caring for the 17 month old boy. the child was unresponsive and died at the hospital. he has been charged with homicide with special circumstances. and officials in san jose are expressing concern after an outbreak of violence over the past eight days that includes six homicides.
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the latest was a stabbing, about 8:30 last night, inside the safeway grocery store on story road near capitol expressway. a man in his 20s was in the produce aisle when someone stabbed him in the chest. he died at the scene. now that 32 people have been killed in the city this year, san jose police say they need more officers. a woman nora campos sent a letter to the chief encouraging him to ask the chp for help. >> i am alarmed by the rise in violence that continues to happen in the city of san jose and i can not fit comfortably why homicides in my district continue to be the headline in the newspapers every day. >> the chief says he wants to talk to his officers and ask them what they need. investigators say they will review surveillance video to see if they can identify the killer at the safeway store. the chp says it may have
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been a blown tire that caused a 21 year old man to crash his car into a tree in the center divider of interstate 280 this morning in hillsboro. it happened around 7:40:00 a.m. southbound near black mountain road. the driver died in a collision and investigators say he apparently lost control of his toyota supra. the crash blocked the fast lane southbound for about two hours. authorities have not released the drivers identity. we're live in san francisco, for day one of the americas cup world series. we'll tell you why skippers don't expect smooth sailing out here and why you should come out even if you're not a die hard sailing fan. and a bit cooler today, we'll tell you how long that will last. also, the man who killed one of the most loved singer/songwriters in history is up for parole. bed in america?
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john lennon outside his manhattan apartment in 1980. power should be restored this hour to the rest of the 4500 customers in walnut creek who lost their power this morning. a failed underground cable at san lewis road caused the out age around 7:45 this morning. that knocked power out to 3000 people. another 1500 then lost power as pg& e worked to fix the problem. most service was restored within 90 minutes. a mortgage company has decided to hold off on evicting a san francisco homeowner trying to save his property. this morning, members of occupy groups held a protest against nation star mortgage on behalf of marvellus lucas. he says he filed for a loan modification with aurora bank and had not missed a payment but when nationstar took over the loan during the banks
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bankruptcy, his house was sold. >> as i was paying for it they sold the house from right under my feet, literally i'm doing the multiplication, i'm not late. they didn't care. >> the company postponed todays planned eviction and plans to seek alternative solutions. today it's for real. this is qualifying day for the americas cup world series in the san francisco bay. ktvu maureen blancox joins us live from the city letting us know the big challenges facing the crews. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. expect carnage, pile ups, not exactly what you'd imagine you'd hear when you see these beautiful catamarans with big time fancy sponsors like the pry boats behind me but come to these 45 vessels will turn the bay into a bow ground. >> this is like nascar in the water. of course i'm excited. >> crews racing in the qualifying meets this afternoon do the final checks on their americas cup vessels. today they challenge each other
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to one on one sailing duals. its hoping each other don't flip over like yesterday but stanley experts say san francisco weather can be ruthless. >> sometimes they go over the edge. so far just in training we've had five boats capsize. the most we've had so far is eight. >> the home team, oracle team usa may have an advantage over the next few days, not only because it's their territory, but also because they will be encouraged by the cheers from the crowd. this is the closest fans get to americas cup action forever. >> for them it's incredible to be sailing this close to shore. for fans it's a great sight whether you're a big sailing fan or just becoming a sailing fan. >> for on lookers you can find much more than just racing. there's a whole village on the marina green decked out with tents including a digital boat house where you can rate your own catamaran and send live tweets to on oversized screen. >> this is one of the best
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places in the world to be and i love boats. i wish i was part of one of the racing teams. >> and the wind is really picking up out here as evidenced by my wonderful hair style going on right now. winds are expected to pick up to 25 miles per hour this afternoon, races start at 2:00 p.m. reporting live in san francisco. lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we have more on the americas cup world series including video from yesterdays practice running on and you'll phoned a schedule of the races under the americas cup tab on the homepage. president obama made a stop in las vegas today to promote his plan for more affordable higher education. he met with teachers and students at canyon springs high school this morning and criticized cuts in the education budget. he said that his rival, mit romney, plans to chop another 20% from the education budget and that unlike romney, he supports the hiring of more teachers, not laying them off.
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the president is now on his way to a campaign event in new york. republican presidential candidate mit romney fired back at the presidents comments during a rally in bettendorf, ohio. he was at an aluminum casting plant to talk about the economy and said the president should improve kindergarten through 12th grade and not pass on trillions of dollars in debt. his campaign is also airing an ad today that links cuts in medicare to the presidents healthcare reform. in the meantime, representative todd akin remains defiant about staying in a u.s. senate race but on talk shows this morning he did leave the door open to a possible exit. >> i don't know the future but i do know this. i knew that the party voters took a look at our hearts, understood who we were, had a chance to meet us in many many different ways and made a decision. >> republicans are concerned about the backlash over akin's rape comments and how they will affect next weeks gop convention. akin said this morning he does
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not plan to be there. this week, ktvu and our parent company cox media group are bringing you the stories of three bay area people who are making a difference in their communities. they have been nominated as cox conserves heros. today bill martin has the story of a women who turned a former military base had into a refuge for an endangered species. >> when the alameda naval air station closed in 1997, leora devoted her time to saving the birds, leased turns that made part of the old runway their home. >> as they got squeezed out of the beaches they began using other areas that did not have a lot of people on them. >> the terms nest inside the fenced area on 550-acres, and the smallest of the seagull family these birds are already on the endangered species list. biologist feeny who helped find friends of the alameda wildlife refuge has been looking for an angel to adopt and care for the sanctuary.
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>> we invited biologists from around the state to talk about the unique location of this site and why it's so important. >> that meeting aroused interest of the states fish and wildlife service, but the future of the turns home is still uncertain. environmental contamination issues have kept them from transferring the land to the state. >> what i would love for this to do is have some entity with an incredible huge resource say let's make this happen. >> volunteer christine bard, whose known feeny for eight years says if anyone can make it happen, feeny can. >> she's been working tirelessly for over 30 years to have the terms protected in this area. >> the folks at the wildlife habitat conservation organization summit up in one simple sentence, without habitat there is no wildlife. bill martin, ktvu, channel 2
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news. >> feeny is one of three bay area conservation heros we are profiling this week on ktvu channel 2 news at noon and the channel 2 website. vote for your favorite by going to and voting continues through september 24th. the bay area cox conserves hero winner will be announced on october 11th. the winner will receive $10,000 for their charity. the other two will get $2500. an unusual home construction project took a major step today in los altos. a crane dropped in four sections of the home this morning, each section weighs 10 tons. the crane operator had to place the sections between power lines and existing homes. builders say using the pre-fab sections means less waste and it's better for the environment. well, after a cool morning temperatures beginning to recover this early wednesday
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afternoon. taking our live camera out as you can see right now, we have mostly clear skies with the inland spots, a little bit of haze and tree branch getting a little bit of a work out as well, winds have been increasing, wind will continue to accelerate as we go head into the afternoon hours. right now, live storm tracker two look at that big fog bank hugging our coast from half moon bay, pacifica, san francisco, solid deck of overcast and the buoy out around the golden gate bridge we have winds gusting to 13 miles an hour and that wind speed could be approaching 25- 30 miles an hour by 3:00 or 4:00 later on today. forecast headlines for today, we do have this, with the temperatures clearing, at least the fog clearing back to the shoreline and temperatures not a big change from yesterday. tomorrow a little bit cooler and the weekend cool temperatures for the beaches, warm numbers inland. these are all minor changes over the next three to six days. as far as current numbers it is warming up out toward fairfield, concordant livermore in the 70s, san jose around 70,
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san francisco, downtown san francisco a chilly 58 degrees right now. here is the set up. this high pressure would typically warm us up but this system, this guy is moving in from the north and it remains in place. it's not going anywhere so for today for the coast patchy fog on the cool side, clearing skies around the bay, so hazy sunshine and more sunshine inland and wind speeds do pick up around 15-25 miles an hour so we do have the fog to deal with for this at least into the early portion of the afternoon. look at this you can still see it hugging the coast, even still i'd paint in more patches south of half moon bay. temperatures inland warmest locations in the 80s to and around 90. these numbers about the same as yesterday, even cooler. santa rosa forecast high of 81, san francisco 63 and hayward around 70. san jose the upper 70s, freemont around 74 and san mateo at 70. low clouds regroup once again late tonight and early tomorrow morning so fog and drizzle for
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your thursday morning commute, you'll notice temperatures come down about a degree. that's just about it. as you can see into friday and saturday, might bump up those numbers slightly but these are tiny changes you can't pick out here but i guess if you like the mild numbers you might like that forecast with those 80s inland but the story here, tori, steve paulson would say the crazy heat. it's not in our forecast at least over the next three to six days. >> we stay out of the triple digits. >> there's relief, mainly 60s,70s and 80s. a coast guard cutter joined the search for a flaming object seen crashing into the ocean. a freighter crew reported seeing what looked like a plane with its wings on fire hit the water 60 miles southwest of the golden gate bridge around midnight. a coast guard spokesman told ktvu there was a meteor shower last night and that may have been what the crew saw. ahead, the status of the legal show down between two giants of technology, and we'll tell you what's next for those
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the much anticipated minutes from the last federal reserve meeting shows the fed is likely to deliver another round of monetary stimulus farly soon unless the economy improves considerably, taking a live look at the big board, the dow down 30, nasdac is up six and s & p is up slightly. today, the jury started deliberations and patent fight
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between apple and samsung. samsung says apple in fringed on its technology patents and is demanding nearly half a billion dollars. apple says samsung used apple designs and wants samsung to pay two and a half billion in damages. the new ktvu ipad app is ready to download. you can watch all our newscasts live plus drive time traffic, bay area weather and video of breaking news any time, anywhere. the all-star team from petaluma is now just one win away from the u.s. little league championship game. shortstop hit a three run homer last night as petaxe lumaxe shut out fairfield connecticut 5-0. residents once again packed movie theatres, bars and restaurants to cheer the team to victory. petaluma's next game is tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. pacific time. the team will play the loser of todays game between the southwest representative tennessee and southwest
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representative texas, if pet as aluma wins they play the u.s. championship game saturday. today on ktvuchannel 2 news at five, the building has sat vacant since the company filed for bankruptcy but we're learning a major bay area company could be about to move in. the possible buyer and the effect on the job market. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks and we're always here for you at have a great day.
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